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I have taken the course ‘Understanding Theatre’ with hardly any experience in Theatrical activities. As a movie lover, theatre has always been an interest. I always wanted to understand how it worked; as the performances that are put on the stage seems so close to ones heart. It takes us along with it in a roller coaster ride of emotions. The artist cry to make us laugh, they undergo pain to entertain us which in a way is a sacrifice of not only their body but also their mind. To suppress ones originality and equip with the characteristics of another is never easy. And to do this whilst making sure that justice is done to the people watching it makes it even more interesting and difficult. When you take a look at Theatre from the outside, it seems fairly simple. But just like anything in life as you go deeper into it, we understand the complications in it. When looked at the earth from above, the grounds seem to be all green, but it is only when you come down to it, we realize that it is filled not only with trees but with sand and stones too. Why I mentioned this is because I want to convey the type of understanding that I had of theatre before taking up this course. For me, just like many, theatre was just another form of entertainment and life in it is just as easy as it looks. But after taking up this course I realized how narrow minded I was. Theatre is both Science and Psychology in itself. All of life is a theatre. It is evident from our history too! From the very beginning of human life and through its growth, theatre’s always helped men understand ourselves and not only about ourselves but also our relationship with the world outside of us. It is human nature to be curious and question everything that comes our way. The question that’s been hanging around for a long while is “What is our role in a relationship with this world?” And through this course

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