Theatre Arts Analysis on Crucible Act 2

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1. Given Circumstances In medias res (“in the middle of”): Surprisingly at the start of Act II, the plot is described eloquently in an italicized paragraph. It is similar to the beginning of Act I in which the author gave a deep understanding of the history behind this play; however, it is in a more concise manner. It describes Proctor’s dissatisfaction with a pot of soup. The beginning of Act II initiates with Elizabeth and Proctor having a calm and caring relationship. Environmental Facts -Geographical Location: It is located in Salem, which is a small colonial town in Massachusetts. There is vast farm land and various houses. -Date: 1692 -Economic environment: Even though most households have slaves and servants, they are at the lower end of the social pyramid. -Political Environment: The government type is theocracy. They have a judge and main court. -Social Environment: There is an abundance of suppression of desire. It is clearly evident that it is a patriarchal society by just examining the manner Elizabeth and Abigail speak to John Proctor. Furthermore, only women are accused of witchcraft. Although they are a very communal society, they are very frugal. This leads to the superstition to the overwhelming penchant of witch craft. Religious Environment: They are a highly religious community, in which their government is a theocracy, in which is ruled by the Puritans and the church. Previous action: The previous action of Act 2, which is the closing of Act 1, is Abigail and Betty in feverish ecstasy, since others believe their ridiculous stories. Therefore, both of the young girls are compiling a list of names to Hale, to arrest the accused “witches.” It is consequential to note that Act 1 ended in a very violet action and Act 2 begins in a soothing tone. Polar Attitudes (John Proctor): Proctor most definitely displays polar attitudes in
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