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I remember standing behind the curtain backstage whispering to myself and collecting my thoughts. My heart would be racing and my stomach would be filled with excitement, it was such a thrilling adventure. This was my experience twice a year as a member of a community musical theatre group. I spent most of my free time as a child in a rehearsal hall. Three nights a week my mom, sisters and I would attend rehearsals for our spring or winter production. I loved practicing for each production whether I was the lead or a member of the chorus. I knew all of my hard work would pay off when I stepped onto the stage at the Imperial Theatre and my stomach would fill with that familiar excitement. This theatre group and particularly my time spent in the Theatre, taught me so much. I had a sense of belonging because all these people I spent so much time with had the same passion as I did. I felt confident in myself and wasn't afraid to be a little different. Most of all, the Theatre taught me about hard work. You need to practice, practice and practice once more because you only have one chance to get it right. I have carried all of these experiences into my adult life but particularly practicing something until I get it right. We only get one opportunity to live our lives. Often like missing a line on stage, it's all about how I recover from my mistakes. I still work my very hardest to try and get it right the first time. I have so much love for the Theatre because these experiences are part of who I am. The reason I am telling this story right now is because CCI Studios is currently working on the development of the Theatre Sarnia 2011 - 2012 Season Theme and Program and so many memories have been coming to the forefront of my mind as I work on this project. I was unaware until recently, that Theatre Sarnia is the second longest running theatre group in Canada.

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