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Theater Movies vs. Rental Movies The costs of watching movies at the theaters have increased from six dollars to twelve dollars in the past couple of years. Many people cannot afford to watch movies in the theater anymore. Instead, they are waiting for the latest movies to be released on DVDs (Digital Video Disc) because it is cheaper to rent movies and watch them at home, rather than going to the theater. Many rental stores have DVDs for rent and the movies can cost as low as three dollars per day for rental. Although many people still watch movies at the theater, watching rental movies at home has become more popular. Due to the economic crisis that exists today, renting movies and watching them at home provides the comfort and convenience many movie theaters cannot offer. Watching movies at the theater is becoming expensive and inconvenient. It can cost as much as twelve dollars for each admission and that does not include the cost of your date’s admission ticket, snacks, and gas money. If you are planning to watch the latest movie’s release, you must arrive at the theater one hour before the movie starts. In that one hour, you must make time to look for a parking space, line up to purchase tickets, and then find the “perfect” seat in the theater. As you find a parking space for your vehicle, you have already taken up most of the hour. Then you have to rush and quickly line up at the ticket booth to purchase the movie tickets. Unfortunately, as you make your way to the ticket booth, you find out that “Star Wars,” a well-known movie which everyone has been waiting to see, has just sold out. Now you have to settle for a movie like “How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days,” which you have never heard of or seen in the previews. You have to settle for that movie because you have already wasted money on gas and hours in the parking lot. As you are making your

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