Theater Performance Essay

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Questions regarding what makes a theatre performance essential can differ from each point of view. There are many variables that can be key to one’s view of a successful theatre performance, while that same variable can be confounding. For me, I believe that there are three essential elements, which are acting, production design and most importantly the direction of the play. A clear and concise presentation of acting, production design and direction are essential for any theatre performance. Acting is the face of the performance. If the acting is not well executed, than the face value of the performance can be heavily scrutinized. Each time the actors undertake a new role; they are face with a number of tasks. These tasks may regard their own motor skills such as verbal clarity, their projection of their voice, how animated they are, and my other things. Perhaps the most basic is to understand the role. The actor should look into the biological, sociological and the psychological aspects of the character. When the actor knows the character from these aspects, portraying this character on the stage will become less difficult. The production design of the performance may be more overlooked by audiences than the Director or the Actors. Still with this, the production design is essential to any theatre performance. A production design has elements of how the performance looks visually. Is the lighting bright enough, or too dim? Are the colors of the production on stage fitting with the particular Play itself? Is the stage big enough for everything involved in the presentation of the production? These questions are only a few I would think a production designer would consider. The most important of the three in my opinion is the Director. The Director is responsible for the artistic aspects of the production. In Oscar G. Brockett’s book, The
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