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The images above represent 4 of the 5 types of theatre spaces. Image A. is a front view of the space, the other images are top views. The curved shape in Image D. is a stage designed for a production within the space. Label each drawing with the appropriate theatre space name. There will be a series of statements about theatre spaces. You will be asked to assign the best answer to each description. The space names in alphabetical order are: Arena, Black Box, Found Space (not shown) Proscenium and Thrust. Know the characteristics of Lead Actors, Ingenue/Juvenile Actors and Character Actors. List five of the responsibilities of the director, this can be a word or a phrase: List five of the responsibilities of the producer, this can be a word or a phrase: Assign the correct description, director who originated the style and the country of origin for the following Acting styles: The System, Method Acting, Theatricalism Match the following character types to a definition: Antagonist, Non-human, Narrator or Chorus, Extraordinary Character , Protagonist, Stock Character, Representative Character, Dominant Trait, I. Contrasted Characters, Minor Character Here is a list of the things designers do when designing a show, numbering from 1-5 put them in proper order. Thumbnail sketches, Research, Read the play, Meet with the director, Create renderings or models. Match the term to the appropriate description: Green Room, Dressing Room, Wing, Scene Shop, Costume Shop, Booth, Box Office, Grid, Deck True or False statements about staging (covered in class on Tuesday October 21.) Be able to match the following genre types to the correct description. Please note that there are 13 definitions and 12 genres listed. Also note that one of the styles was not covered in class. How do you solve that problem? Burlesque, Black Comedy, Heroic Drama, Tragicomedy,

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