The Zulu Culture Essay

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The Zulu Culture The Zulu are direct descendants from the Nguni, who lived in central east Africa. Today they primarily live in KwaZulu-Natal Province, Africa. The Zulu people are descendants of a spiritual chief named Zulu, which means ‘Heaven’. They are horticulturalists, pastoralists, agriculturalists, or a mixed subsistence economy. They supplement their planted food with products hunted and gathered. “The Zulu traditions and culture are as much a way of life as they are a tourist attraction” (Lorenzo, page 307). During the 16th and 17th centuries, the Nguni people moved south, and a small group settled in an area named Zululand. This name came about from a couple of settler’s son, whose name was Zulu. Zulu was a spiritual and loved man, and “his marriage signaled the beginning of a new clan, with all their descendants proudly perpetuating the name of Zulu” (Lorenzo). Zulu had five children, and his youngest was a boy named, Senzangakhona. Senzangakhona had an illicit relationship with a neighboring chief’s daughter named Nandi. From that affair, in 1787, came a son, named Shaka. “Shaka’s name is said to stem from Senzangakhona’s claim that Nandi was not pregnant but was suffering from an intestinal condition caused by the iShaka beetle” (Zulu Culture). “As a youth, Shaka was the butt of many jokes because of his illegitimacy, however, such taunting turned the boy into a fearless, aggressive man” (Zulu Culture). When Senzangakhona died, Shaka assumed control of the Zulu people. Shaka was determined to gain leadership of the surrounding clans. “It was the emergence of the warrior King Shaka that united the amaZulu, forging feuding farmers and cattle herders into a proud and powerful nation” (Turner, 305). “Shaka developed the short, large bladed stabbing spear and a means of employing it lethally and he also developed the ‘chest and horns’

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