The Youngsters Would Be Better Off Without Social Media Essay

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Social networking is a recent invention that has the Internet still at the edge of its popularity with people. Bring every kind of social group together in one place and letting them interact is really a huge contribution the social media makes to the world. With speedy communication, people have noticed the advantages of social media. However, too often people become the victim of social networking, especially youngsters. Face book, twitter, Skype, you name it. Of course, people apply Wechat and QQ in China as well. It’s not difficult for people to access social network. Or, shall we say that it is too easy for everyone to communicate via them. While effective business conferences are held, and great amount profit is made via the Internet, there are many other people hanging on social media sabotaging their own lives in the syber-trap. Constantly checking their twitter feeds or message left on Wechat or QQ is a social phenomenon. We can easily found people holding their mobile phone or sticking to a favorite social media checking updated information. They can hardly focus on the book they read, the assignment they write. They become very impatient when their family number say hello to them when they come back from work or school. They even have to rush into toilet when nature calls. They are so absorbed by the social media they even resent everyone and everything which disturb them from their syber-social contact. Spending long hours on social media, some people may get disoriented. For example, Christmas is coming and families might be very excited with the holiday they booked in Florida months ago, or even one year ago. Nevertheless we can see people sitting in front of the beautiful seaside and looking on their mini iPad or iPhone, being enraptured by the communication with their syber-friends on facebook. They have no time spending with their family

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