The Yellow Wallpaper : Unknown Insanity Essay

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“The Yellow Wallpaper”: Unknown Insanity The 19th century was filled with a lot of unknown illness and disorders. Charlotte Perkins-Gilman chooses to write about the unknown illness in which some women faced at the time. The 19th century was also a time where women had fewer rights than men. This may have contributed to one of the ways the story is set for the narrator’s insanity. The narrator’s insanity is caused by her husband, the treatment prescribed for her, and her obsession with the yellow wallpaper. One cause of the narrator’s insanity is the relationship between her and her husband. The narrator’s relationship with her husband is one of a father to daughter relationship. The narrator state, “John laughed at me but of course, one expects that in marriage” (Gilman 746). She is forced to live as a young child would live. The narrator states, “It was nursery first and then playroom and gymnasium, I should judge; for the windows are barred for little children, and there are rings and things in the walls” (747). The narrator’s husband also belittles her as an adult. The narrator states, “Then he took me in his arm and called me a blessed little goose [….]” (748). The narrator is also threatened as a child by her husband. She states, “John says if I don’t pick up faster he shall send me to Weir Mitchell in the fall” (749). The narrator wants to get well but cannot due to other factors. Another contributing factor in her insanity is the treatment prescribed to her. The narrator’s husband keeps her isolated from civilization. She states, “It is quiet standing well back from the village” (746). The narrator has to take a lot of naps during the day. She states, “Half the time now I am awfully lazy, and lie down ever so much” (750). The narrator has no stimulation from her writing due to the treatment she is undergoing. The narrator states, “There comes John and I

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