The Yellow Wallpaper, Story Of An Hour, No Name Woman, The Enormus Radio Essay

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Self Discovery Seemingly the women in “The Yellow Wallpaper,” “Story of an Hour,” “No Name Woman,” and “The Enormous Radio,” are all struggling to find their individuality. Their self discovery leads them on an emotional journey fueled with insanity, self denial, hidden secrets and strength before finally discovering their identity. Their self discovery leads them to their freedom and reveals their individuality but it comes with a cost. In the “Yellow Wallpaper” the husband is quite aware of the control and power he has over her and that power initially restrains her free will, self expression and keeps her from discovering her identity. In the beginning, the narrator in “The Yellow Wallpaper” was in denial that she even needed self discovery due to her years of conforming into her husbands standards. She even says “her husband is very careful and loving”, and he is obviously not careful or loving because he disregards her opinion about her sickness and confines her in the nursery. The ripping and tearing of the wallpaper suggests that she is trying to recover her strength and escape her mundane life. That self awareness leads her further into revealing her individuality. It seems like everything about her was hidden from her husband. She was trying to be what he approved of that she ignored her own personal interests and hid her love for writing from her husband. When she finally stops hiding and she starts ripping the wallpaper, she stops being naïve about her situation. Other readers might argue that the narrator was simply going mad and wasn’t really experiencing any kind of self discovery, but I don’t see a mad woman that was just ripping out wall paper for the sake of it. She was emotionally and mentally ripping out the restrictions her

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