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The Yellow Wallpaper When a person thinks about wallpaper, they may think of a pretty decorate item, with pretty designs. In the case of Charlotte Perkins Gilman's The Yellow Wallpaper, her viewpoint is the complete opposite. The Yellow Wallpaper is about a woman who suffers from a nervous depression. Her husband, who is a doctor, decides to move the family to a summer rental vacation home as a rest cure for her. During her time at this home, she has a psychological breakdown, which is shown through an imaginative conversation with the wallpaper. The relationship between the female narrator and the wallpaper reveals the sickening condition of the narrator and also symbolically shows how women are oppressed in the society. The story…show more content…
One day she seems to think the room may have been a nursery for young children. She says “It was nursery first and then gymnasium, I should judge: for the windows are barred for little children and there are rings and things in the walls (Gilman 2346). Each day she is in the room with little interaction with others caused her to fall deeper into her madness. The narrator’s disillusioned state worsens, and she begins to have hallucinations. She notices that she “didn’t realize for a long time what the thing was that showed behind, that dim sub-pattern, but now I am quite sure that it is a woman” (Gilman 2351). She believes that she sees a woman in the wallpaper, and the more covered up lonely, and restricted she feels over the course of the story, the more she recognizes herself to be the woman in the wallpaper. Gilman is actually extending this idea further to say that the main character is not necessarily a prisoner at the level of wife or mother, but to say she is a prisoner because she is a woman. (Antiessay). The narrator is classified as a prisoner, because prisoner’s rights and freedom is taken away as well, as a result, the connection between the narrator and a prisoner is very
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