The Yellow Wallpaper: A Short Story

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Stories are relative shortness compare to films, play or poems. Authors have to use limited words let readers to realize their ideal or theme. A story can draw people in and made a strong impact on tem. An attractive story s almost always contain a single character or less than two or three, compressed plot and intensive use of details. Firstly, a short story should focus on central characteristics, which tend to reveal themselves through one key event or moment that typically lays bare their essential nature. Compare to “royal beatings”, “The yellow wallpaper” clearly focuses on a single character and several secondary characters are to shed light on the central character. The story of a women’s descent into extremely madness and has been locked in a nursery of a rental isolated estate by her husband who is high standing physician and believes she isn’t sick but temporary nervous depression and request caring. The societal pressure and postpartum depression placed on her and started to imagery of the patterns in the yellow wallpaper and wrote them down.…show more content…
Because of the fewer scenes and events used in short story, they have to be selected and ordered, lead swiftly to the moment of crisis face by the main character. Each scene reflected the conflict progressing between the women and her husband in order to compare the social class of both in society or at home. From the beginning, she was totally under the control from her husband who is a “high standing physician”, neither in treatment nor working outside. She felt can “not get well faster” and deep depression on herself. She gradually lost her sanity and became extremely madness at last, the story reached its climax and the women tear the wallpaper off the wall and felt freedom due to “pulled of most of the paper and can’t put her back”. In this story, no real resolution provided. However, her husband’s shocked believed in she is truly
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