The Yellow Wallpaper Essay

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The Yellow Wallpaper Published for the first time on 1892, The Yellow Wallpaper is written as a private diary from a woman whose desire to pursue a happy marriage or maternity is gone. She is obligated to heal from her nervous condition resting isolated. Her nervous condition is probably just a post-partum depression. In this story, madness represents an escape from unbearable oppression caused by the privation of contact with society or external stimulus. This oppression also creates isolation. This separation from the world and boredom leaves the woman with no other choice than to overdramatize her condition, and to believe that madness is the only way to communicate her emotions. Narrated with extreme precision psychologically and dramatically, “The Yellow Wallpaper” highlights the big imagination provoked by a woman’s madness and her emotional descension. Her emotional fall started from the very first day, when the woman and her husband were checking the house, and she is designated to sleep in a nursery, suggesting she is some kind of a little, powerless, useless girl that demands special care. The woman feels lonely and trapped at the same time. She completely lost her self-esteem and dignity, and her only exit from this captivity is to create a world of her own. This gothic novel is a representation of the female imprisonment, when women are forced to play a limited domestic role. The woman sits on her bed all day, and although she enjoys writing, her husband, a famous and efficient doctor, forbids her to do it; instead he prescribes complete rest for her. Therefore the only escape of the boredom that John’s treatment created is to intensively examine the yellow wallpaper. The woman, whose name remains unknown, is a prisoner of her husband’s orders. John, the doctor, not only separates her from the world and any type of external stimulus; but also

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