The Year Is 2007 Essay

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HASHIM K BAREM ALICE MARTIN 16/04/2014 The year is 2007 , place Iraq, the second country in the world that has the biggest oil reserve, at that time I was a Senior college student studying computer sciences and about to graduate and be ready for the next chapter of my life ,to get out there and have my chance in the world ,find a decent job, get married, have Kids and grow old , have a normal life some people might say . all this changed in a life altering event , when I watched my best friend or what I would call a brother die in my arms. He was killed not because he did something wrong, not because someone had a grudge towards him, the simple reason was that he believed in something different. he Believed in the freedom of Religion in a Country that a thought of such Nature can be considered as an infidelity, in a Republic that’s ruled by Religious Radicals who will Deny and Discredit any Concept or an ideology that would question their unquestionable authority and jeopardize their Holiness, the Religious Radicalism took his life. As a Result of this tragedy, I decided to rebel on such Sectarianism, and to begin a new role and to affect people’s beliefs, which Directs me to my new job as an interpreter with the United States Armed Forces. When I first signed up, I wanted to counter those Radical thoughts by Educating the people who I’m was to Encounter on Daily Basis and Explain that the Freedom of Religion is Something every Human being should experience, and everyone one of us must choose his beliefs and not follow a set of Ideas and Rules that’s already been chosen by some people who in some cases we don’t

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