The Xia Dynasty

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The Xia Dynasty The Xia Dynasty was founded in 2100 B.C around the area of The Yellow River, this was the end of primitive society and the beginning of class society in the Chinese civilization . The Xia Dynasty was founded by Yu the Great who set the Xia Dynasty under the Abdication system, meaning that leaders were selected based on ability, after Yu had died his son, Qi, abolished the abdication system and introduced the hereditary system, a system that will be in use until the 1900’s. When Qi died, he was succeeded by his fifteen sons, who will continue to rule over the Xia Dynasty until its eventual collapse in 1600 B.C. Since the Xia Dynasty was established near the Yellow-River the Xia people mainly thrived on agriculture and cultivation of crops, while this was a consistent source of food, the rive was not consistent in its flooding which often destruction to the fields and structures of the Xia people. During this time of agriculture, irrigation was improved and pasturing had begun to take place, all of the agricultural work was done with stone tools which they had perfected the creation of to aid them in their work of agriculture. Along with their expansive knowledge of agriculture, they were also experienced craftsmen who built bronze implements and decorative pieces, they also used jade to craft ornamental item and other small objects as decoration but it did not end there, the Xia also were skilled in sericulture and crafting of earthen goods which were common-place in the Xia Dynasty. While the Dynasty was small, they still had need of a standing army to solidify rule over their territory, while the Xia did not have a professional army nor did they have many enemies, the army had done its job in keeping the dynasty united and kept order through the land. Despite that much of the Xia history is unaccounted

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