"The Writer" Poem Analysis

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The Writer: Poem Analysis 1. Discuss the father’s concern for his daughter in “The Writer”. In the poet’s view of “The Writer”, the father is observing his daughter typing up something with the typewriter in her room. The poem uses cargo and luggage as a metaphor for the daughter’s workload. “Young as she is, the stuff of her life is great cargo, and some of it heavy”, here the father is speculating on the obstacles she faces as she progresses through her life. Heavy cargo refers to the tough times that she may face as this shows her father’s awareness of her situation. While the daughter types up her story, she stops for a bit, showing struggle to find the answer, then resumes on her work. Here the father starts to reminisce about a bird that was stuck in that same situation. The poet compares the bird with the daughter in which in the poem the daughter is struggling with her assignment just like the bird was also struggling to fly. Just like the bird the father wants his daughter to overcome any obstacle she may face. “I wish what I wished for you before, but harder.” This quote shows the father’s concern for his daughter’s well being, making sure that her daughter can do better than what he asks for. The poem suggests that the father shows a good amount of concern for his daughter; through different uses of metaphors the author allows us to interpret more than between the
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