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IMPROVING NOKIA’S MARKETING STRATEGIES FOR SMART PHONES FROM A BRANDING PERSPECTIVE IN FINLAND AND THE UNITED STATES Mikael Lauharanta International Business Bachelor's thesis Supervisor: Phani Tej Adidam Date of approval: 6 May 2011 Aalto University School of Economics Bachelor´s Degree Program in International Business Mikkeli CampusAALTO UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF ECONOMICS Mikkeli Campus ABSTRACT OF BACHELOR’S THESIS Author: Mikael Lauharanta Title of thesis: Improving Nokia’s Marketing Strategies for Smart Phones from a Branding Perspective in Finland and the United States Date: 6 May, 2011 Degree: Bachelor of Science in Economics and Business Administration Supervisor: Phani Tej Adidam Objectives There were three main objectives to this study. First, Nokia’s aspired brand image was resolved by interviewing Nokia’s Marketing and Brand portfolio Manager. Secondly, people’s brand perceptions about Nokia and its competitors were researched through conducting a survey in Finland and the United States. Finally, the findings from the interview and survey were compared and assessed from the branding perspective to see if the Nokia brand should be revitalized and furthermore to suggest improvements to Nokia’s marketing strategies in Finland and the United States. Summary The research unveiled important information on how Nokia is currently perceived by the consumers and how their view differs from the brand identity Nokia is trying to build with its smart phone marketing. The study also indicated how Finnish consumers differ in their opinions when compared to the Americans. The results of the research are helpful not only to Nokia, but also to other firms who need to revitalize their brand in the face of increased competition and declining market share. Conclusions As of late, the Nokia brand has inspired
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