The Worst of Techology Essay

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Sarah Kliff, author of “Facebook: Why I Hate it…” writes, “I have no idea how many hours of my life I have wasted on Facebook.” I agree with this statement because it is true. We have wasted so much time on Facebook and other forms of technology that we have lost time for other, more important things. Facebook and its counterparts do help us in many aspects like staying connected but we forget that we have real things in life that are right in front of us to stay in touch with instead of wasting time with cyber friends or a cyber-community. Technology does have a good side. It can assist us in many ways. We can get up to date news about something that happened all the way in New York or even Germany, half way around the world, in just seconds with only a few clicks. And with those same few clicks we can send emails and in split seconds connect to friends hours or even days away. It is just mind blowing how much we can learn from technology. We can go to a website like YouTube or Google and learn in seconds how to tie a tie, catch a fish, or look up that movie line that just randomly popped into our heads. Technology gives us the option of social networking where we can meet new people from other countries, other cities, or even the new neighbors next door. We can watch a movie on Netflix, buy the girlfriend a necklace, and get a tour of the Taj Mahal all before getting out of bed. There are truly a limitless number of opportunities given to us by technology, yet we don’t realize what it is doing to us or how it is affecting us when we are with friends or family, at our jobs, or in school because it is too busy keeping our attention lost in it. There may be a limitless number of opportunities but it also has the same number of ways that it can hurt us. Technology has become our escape, our way out of the real world. It has given us a huge reason to avoid people, to

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