The World’s Worst Nuclear Meltdown, Chernobyl

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The World’s Worst Nuclear Meltdown, Chernobyl Thursday April 26th 1986, became the day in history when one of the world's greatest nuclear catastrophe’s occurred. This disaster happened in the Northern part of Ukraine next to the border of Belarus, in town of Chernobyl. The town's nuclear power plant called Lenin released the biggest nuclear fallout in human history. The immediate accident resulted in fifty deaths, but far much worse problems and deaths would emerge later as the nuclear fallout and radiation did not cease right away after the explosion and fire. How effective were world governments on communicating the disaster? Thirty years later, nuclear power is being used more than ever by mankind, with such an accident present in history are we safe from another meltdown knowing that humans will always commit errors? The direct cause of the accident came from reactor number four of the power plant when it went under several unauthorized tests which led to the explosion of the reactor resulting in a nuclear meltdown and the release of nuclear materials into the atmosphere (Leo.Maryann.De). This was the equivalent of four hundred times more pollution than the bomb of Hiroshima. In the thirty kilometer radius of the plant, a hundred and sixty one thousand people were evacuated due to the twenty five thousand square kilometers being heavily contaminated by nuclear radiation (Discovery Channel). The nuclear plant is located fifteen kilometers northwest of Chernobyl and just three kilometers away from the small town of Pripyat where most of the families of the workers of the plant lived. It is hard to believe four years before this incident, a partial core meltdown had occurred on reactor number one. This accident was not made public before several years. After this incident, the reactor was fixed and was back running in several months. The goal of the experiment

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