The World Would Be a Better Place Without Mcdonald

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The world would be a better place without McDonald This world would be better without McDonald, due to the following reason. McDonald’s meat they uses have contain preservative which can keep the burger for 10 years or more, of course McDonald won’t let us eat a burger that is left for 10 year, also even though we only eat a little bit of it we will be able to decompose it in our body, but if we keep a large amount of preservative in our body, don’t even think about decompose it will be hard for us to be able to metabolic those preservative, then it can cause cancer and other chronic disease. That is not the only problem with the meat, they also inject beta-adrenergic agonist into cows, pigs, chickens and etc. The beta-adrenergic agonist is import from other countries, it can decrease around 10% or above depend on how much they inject it into the those animals, which increase the mass of the low-fat meats and also the animals won’t have to eat as much, so the farmer can save a lot of money on taking care of them. Also the convenience McDonald, everyone is eating out more than cooking at home, than all these traditional foods will decrease, plus the health of everyone will also go down, it can cause people to get diabetes and heart disease which cause a lot of problem for families due to the low income for most of the families, if people were busy and they want to have something easy and fast, it doesn’t have to be McDonald which doesn’t provide healthy foods, they can always goes to the convenience store to get a sandwiches, salads, and many other healthy foods instead of eating those junk foods. The other reason is, company like McDonald is talking away the business of those private shop are not able to success which cause them to close down, because the country are funding those big company so that it can open up its store around the world, and became

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