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The World of Virtual Reality Essay

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The World of Virtual Reality
Betty Tanner
May 20, 2012

The World of Virtual Reality
Imagine yourself flying through the air on a charmed horse called a Peg acorn and admiring the style of the house newly completed and decorated; Now to package it and sell it on the marketplace. What is this place called? What adventures does this amazing place have in store? Is this a dream! Not at all, this is an example of virtual reality and a few of the amazing things users experience when playing in a virtual world. There are many variations of virtual reality from flight simulation to technological manipulation of objects for research and development. The advantages of virtual reality are numerous, exciting to learn, and help develop the next virtual reality world.   Come along with me on an amazing adventure into the World of Virtual Reality where the sky is no longer a limit but the ability to surpass the sky to deep space and the deepest resources of our mind. If we can imagine it we can build it in virtual reality and then make it a real life reality.
What comes to mind when we hear the words virtual reality, someone standing on a mat wearing a bicycle helmet and gloves with wires protruding from their arms, legs, hands and head? In the beginning, this was the case but not so much today.   Advancements in technology and the home computer brought the virtual reality world to the general public in a number of ways from virtual reality games, simulators, and the new technology theme parks have included for visitor experience of riding a virtual rollercoaster the user created. With the advancements of virtual reality, we can travel to places we had only dreamed of going before and do not have the ability to travel in the real world due to limitations or finances.
Further development of this technology has given us the ability to create objects and, see them in 3D without creating a real world proto type thus, elevating the overhead of developing a product that is...

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