The World Of Doublespeak Analysis

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Judging the Success of an Essay What is doublespeak? How to spot doublespeak? Why people need to know this? After reading William Lutz’s The World of Doublespeak, people will find answers for these questions. I have to say Lutz teaches the audience a good lesson. Through his article, He tries to convince the reader that doublespeak is misleading and negative. Lutz hopes to teach people how to identify doublespeak and why people need to do this. Frankly, Lutz achieves his purpose successfully. Lutz provides clear definitions for the types of doublespeak and illustrates each with suitable and convincing examples. Additionally, Lutz explains the importance of identifying doublespeak. After he describes four kinds of doublespeak, he states the danger of…show more content…
He emphasizes the danger of doublespeak in order to get people’s attention. Through these consequences, readers will think about the importance of spotting doublespeak. He uses some examples which will happen in our daily life to convince people that doublespeak is around us and affects our lives. For instance, he claims that if acid rain is called “poorly buffered precipitation”, people will not care about the environment. People will think it is temporary but ignoring it will have already hurt the environment. Additionally, not only do people not notice such doublespeak, but even in the event that they identify doublespeak, they may not be against it because they do not understand its bad effects. Furthermore, he uses active words to express how doublespeak will hide reality from people. For instance, in the last two paragraphs, he states that doublespeak will produce “suspicions, cynicism, distrust and hostility”. He tries to get people’s attention to think about how doublespeak will disturb their lives. Then, people will learn how to recognize this language and avoid being misled and confused by
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