The World Is Watching By Thomas Friedman Analysis

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Lizzeth Gonzalez ENG 101 10-25-12 Public Figures In today’s world our personal lives have become more transparent because of technology. Transparency is when your every move is being watched through personal online profiles and company websites. According to the article “The World is Watching” Thomas L. Friedman argues that we’ve all become public figures and that we have to protect our reputation because of transparency. However in the article “YouTube This” Queenan answers Freidman directly suggesting that even if the world is watching, people don’t care. I strongly agree with Friedman’s argument because in today’s generation anything you do or say online now could be used against you, and as a representative of this generation; I care! The advancement of technology is leading the world transparent. Now that everyone has the ability to take a picture, video, or have their own blog we’ve turn into publishers. This has caused fear in myself as well as others, were afraid to act or say something without being embarrassed then published to the whole world. For example Freidman’s personal experienced three years ago; he encountered a lady on the line when buying magazines at the cashier even though he was there first the lady claimed to be there before him. He said he was very…show more content…
Transparency only affects those who care about being humiliated and embarrassed. He also states “the whole world maybe watching but no one seems to be paying much attention”. For example the Mafia, Taliban, Osama bin Laden could care less if the whole world was talking about them, they were still going to continue with the destruction they were causing, nothing was stopping them. Like Hugo Chavez said ‘Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt
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