The World Is Getting More Peaceful Essay

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Nowadays, according to the Institute for Economic and Peace research, the world is getting more peaceful. Due to the two indicators, GPI and PPI, the fraction of peaceful countries to endanger countries is six out of eight. In other words, there are small group of countries that have severe violence, criminal, and so on. GPI or Global Peace Index which measures all about violence and fear in population including the country’s inside and outside war, security, militarization. In the other hands, PPI or Positive Peace Index which measures all about the appropriate attitude lead to more peaceful societies including education, equality, low corruption, and high level of social peace. In Thailand, also known as “land of smile”, is put at the lower end of GPI ranking these days. To emphasize, the situation is worst than Heiti that has huge corruption problems, Serbia where the conflict in military is too high (Rush E., 2012). Moreover, the country is far from the peaceful. There is a political violence among the population who support Thaksin shinawatara and the protest group who strongly support the Democrat party. As a result of this conflict, what happening in Thailand are building burned down and the fighting between protestor and army, that led to at least 90 deaths and more than 2000 injured. Furthermore, Thailand also faces with the violence in Southern part like bombing and shooting. In addition, the country has been in conflict with Cambodia, which is its neighbor. Additionally, Thailand also put in low ranking of PPI because the lacking of population’s: right attitude, freedom, equality, education and so on. Moreover, there are more effects resulting from these situations. First of all, Thailand has been described as a “flowed democracy” by The United States Fund for Peace. And concluded that risk of becoming fail state.

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