The World I Want to Grow Up in Essay

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The World I Want To Grow Up In Speaking to you as cooperatives managers is for me a long awaited privilege as I believe your experience gives you much to teach the world. I love the theme of this conference: “Grow Co-op.” You recognize that it is time to make the values and principles of the cooperatives movement the defining framework for economic life in the United States and the world. It means much more than simply growing the numbers and size of cooperative businesses. It means bringing forth a new economy devoted to the service of our our children, families, communities and natural systems through sharing and cooperation. The organizations you manage are the repositories of the experience and expertise needed to make it happen. This means you are positioned to make a decisive contribution to what may be the most important work of our time. The choices we make at this defining human moment will determine whether the inevitable correction plays out as a suicidal last man standing competition for what remains of Earth’s resources or a cooperative sharing of those resources to secure the health of all our children, families, communities and natural systems. Our situation can be summed up as a threefold crisis. First, we are headed to environmental collapse because we are consuming environmental resources faster than Earth can regenerate them. Second, we are headed to social collapse because of extreme and growing inequality. Third, our most powerful governing institutions are devoted to increasing inequality by encouraging ever increasing consumption to make money for people who already have far more money than they need. They are the institutions of what I call the global suicide economy. This economy is an extension of the self-destructive dynamic of ruthless competition and domination of a 5,000 year Era of Empire. We must now bring forth a new Era of

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