The Working Cell Essay

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Review Questions for Chapter 3, Part 2 – The Working Cell Your homework must be word-processed (= typed). DUE at the start of class on Septemebr 12th Sorry, but you cannot earn credit if the assignment is not turned in on time. Don’t forget that at our next class we will review for the upcoming exam. So please come prepared to ask for clarifications on any material we have studied in Unit #1. 1. EXPLAIN HOW the cell (plasma) membrane can be selectively permeable (= semi-permeable) & EXPLAIN WHY this is essential for cells. Make sure you EXPLAIN HOW the structure of the organic molecules that make up the cell membrane enables them to do their special jobs. The cell membrane is selectively permeable because it allows some substance to cross by diffusion (diffusion is the movement of higher concentration to lower concentration) (ie: oxygen and carbon dioxide) but not others. Small uncharged polar molecules pass thru the lipid bilayer made up of phospholipids. Polar or electronically charged molecules cannot because they are not soluble in lipids. 2. EXPLAIN the importance of enzymes in cell metabolism. Make sure you EXPLAIN how the structure of these organic molecules enables them to do their special jobs. Enzymes (protein) speed the metabolic reactions by lowering activation energy. (getting started) Enzymes change the shape of the organic molecule to make it more efficient. 3. EXPLAIN the importance of ATP in cell metabolism. Make sure you EXPLAIN how the structure of this organic molecule enables it to do its special job. ATP is the molecule that every cell in the body uses to do cell work. The chemical energy in ATP is released when the third phosphate (high energy

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