The Woodlands High School Case Study

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The Woodlands High School Fizix Packet PAP [pic] Revised 2009 Edition Table Of Contents |Topic |Page Number | |Horizontal Kinematics |3 | |Kinematics Supplement |4 | |Vertical Motion |6 | |Projectile Motion…show more content…
How high was the copter when the package hit? Honors Supplement 1. If, from a height of 62m, Galileo accidentally dropped one of the cannon balls 0.5sec before the other, with what velocity would the second ball I have to be thrown downward to reach the ground at the same time as the first ball? [-5.3 m/s] 2. A flowerpot is dropped and passes by a window below. It takes 0.15 sec to travel from the top to the bottom of the 1.6 m tall window as it falls to the ground. How far above the window was the pot released? 3. A television is dropped from the top of a cliff, and 1 second later a second television is thrown downward with a velocity of 20 m/s. How far below the cliff will the second television overtake the first? [10.7m] 4. A juggler performs in a room with a 3m ceiling. He bounces the ball off the floor so that it just reaches the ceiling. a. With what velocity does the ball come off the floor? b. How long does it take to go from floor to ceiling'? 5. A second ball is bounced with the same velocity as the first. It leaves the floor at the instant the first ball leaves the ceiling. a. How long after the second ball is bounced do they pass one another?…show more content…
A BB gun is aim directly at the center of a target 50m away. If the bb is fired horizontally at 350 m/s, how far below the bull's-eye will the BB hit? 7. 7. A life-line is to be thrown from a ship 30 m above sea level to a drowning crew person. If the victim is 30 m horizontally from the ship, with what horizontal speed should the line be thrown? [12m/s] 8. A car loses control and drives off a 3 m high ridge and lands 11 m from the base of the ridge in a river. With what speed was the car traveling when it left the ridge? 9. A football is kicked at an angle of 50o and travels a distance of 20 m before hitting the ground. a. What is the initial speed of the ball? [14.1 m /s] b. How long is it in flight? [2.2 sec] c. How high does it rise? [5.94 m] 10. A cannon's firing angle is varied during a training exercise. If the cannon fires a shell at 700 m/s, find its range, time in flight, and maximum vertica1 height at: a. 45o b. 60o c. 30o 11. A cat is on a 1.5 m high table and jumps at a 37oangle with a speed of 10 m/s. How far horizontally from the edge of the table does the cat land?

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