The Wonders of African Myths

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Iwan Smith African Lit. & Comp. April 3, 2013 The Wonders of African Myths There are many stories and myths in the African culture that are used for entertainment, but there’s a much deeper purpose in all of the stories. These stories feature Tricksters, Heroes, Animals, Nature symbols, Sages, Mothers, and Villains most of the time. Each myth has its own purpose whether it’s a moral, tradition, or a story of creation. But, of all these different themes and archetypes in African myths the most common stories contain Personification, Heroes, and Creation. To start, one of the most commonly used themes in African Myths is personification. Firstly, in the Myth “Why the Sun and the Moon Live in the Sky”, personification is used when the narrator says, “Many years ago the sun and the water were great friends, and both lived on earth together.” Personification is the when you give none human objects human characteristic or abilities, so in this Myth the author gave the water and the sun the ability to be friends. Secondly, in the myth “Why there are Cracks in Tortoise’s Shell”, personification is used when Mr. Tortoise answered, “No, I shan’t sprout any wings because I was not born that way.” This quote shows the use of personification because the narrator gave Mr. Tortoise the ability to talk. Lastly, personification is the most commonly used themes in African myths because adding personification brings a more entertaining perspective to the myth that keeps readers interested. Also, another one of the most commonly used Archetypes in African Myths is Heroes. Firstly, in the Myth “The Fire on the Mountain”, heroism is used when the old wise man says, “If you do this you will survive, no matter how bitter the night wind.” Heroism is used to show that the main character of the myth is the “underdog” going against is wealthy boss who’s the “bully.” The hero

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