The Wonderful Wizard Of Oz Essay

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The Wonderful Wizard of Oz Hilda DeLaPaz ENG. 225: Introduction to Film Instructor Melissa Rigney February 12, 2012 The Wonderful Wizard of Oz The actual name of the film I am about to talk about is actually called “The Wizard of Oz”, but in retrospect when looking at the great technological advancements this movie made, who does not think of it as “the wonderful” wizard of oz. I know that I do and for good reason. This film made strides in the film industry. There were many changes coming about at that time and the film-makers took full advantage. “The Wizard of Oz” showcased these advancements in their choice actors, editing, cinematography, sound and music, and most important of all Technicolor. Implementing these advancements is what will go on to make this movie one of the most reproduced children’s classic next to Disney’s “Snow White”. As we will see there were many directions that the director could have gone to avoid some of the pitfalls they were encountering but they stayed true to their vision despite the cost and man hours. They used the storyline, the special effects, color and cinematography, the music, and the cast to make this movie a true classic. It is all these things working together that helped propel this movie into true classic status and with stand the test of time. The storyline and the continuity sequencing helps the audience to follow along as Dorothy goes from a fearful young girl, through tumultuous Oz and back again, realizing for the first time, “there is no place like home”. This is a whimsical musical fantasy with an underlying moral dilemma that all children can empathize with. Every friend of yours looks like their home is better than yours. You may long for something better never knowing that what you long for is there in front of you all along. This is a beautiful children’s tale seen through the eyes of an adult. Salmon

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