The Women Who Were Raped In Bosnian War Essay

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Ayşegül YAĞ The Women Who Were Raped in Bosnian War People have witnessed many wars in different parts of the world throughout the history. Bosnian people also belong to these group who had experienced a war that has effected many people in Bosnia. There was such group that always did their best to help their comrades. This group consisted of women who displayed the most important example of resistance and fought for their country if it was necessary. However, the war showed his face to these women in a sorrowful and harsh way because they were one of targets of serbian soldiers to undermine the psychology of Bosnian soldiers by raping them. The aim of this report is to show the consequences of wartime rapes on bosnian women. Women always have an importance in almost all societies. This situation is not different for bosnian society. For them, their women were sacred because they attributed them many roles that combine the basis of social life. Olujic explains this: “They are valued as sex objects, mothers and workers.” Because of these important things they have, raping these women is regarded as a serious attack on social values. Therefore, the psychology of the society were almost damaged during the war years. In this war, “the first rumors that told about raping bosnian women in a systematic way was heard in 1992 summer for the first time” (Bora 152). Since serbian soldiers were exposed to proclaimations against Muslim society, they raped these women with the logic of ethnic cleansing. In fact, a huge number of rape events became itself an ethnic cleansing. Karen points out that: [t]he term ‘ ethnic cleansing’ has been used by feminist and non feminists alike to describe many of the events that occurred in Bosnia and Herzegovina. […] Ethnic cleansing ‘is a policy of rendering an area ethnically homogeneous by using

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