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Kaylee Gooch Mrs. Musgrove English 12 21 February 2012 A Modernized Fairytale Lyman Frank Baum, most famous for writing The Wonderful Wizard of Oz was an American author. Baum was born on May 15, 1856 and died on May 6, 1919. He was known as Frank, which he wished to be called. Baum had nine siblings in which they grew up in a happy home. He then went on to live a successful sixty-four years as an author of children’s books, playwright and journalist. The Wonderful Wizard of Oz is a classical children’s novel. The novel was originally published in Chicago on April 17, 1900. Meanwhile, the book has been republished various times. After being republished the title of the novel was more often noted as The Wizard of Oz. The plot of the story is about a young girl named Dorothy in the Land of Oz, when she and her dog Toto were blown away from their home in Kansas by a cyclone. In the Land of Oz, Dorothy meets many friends and adversaries. Dorothy, Toto, and their new friends traveled down the yellow brick road on a journey to find the Wizard. In hopes that the Wizard would help her return back to Kansas, and perhaps award her friends with their needs of a brain, a heart, and courage. Many Scholars came to the conclusion that the story suggested the political irony of the 1890’s instead of a simple amusing novel for children. Henry M. Littlefield wrote a critical essay stating Baum’s fairytale was a metaphor of the Populist Movement. (Quentin Taylor, N.P.) The classical children’s novel The Wizard of Oz is a political, social, and economical allegory. Many political allegories are used throughout the novel. The Wizard of Oz has many elements that open it up for interpretation (Bussey 319). The book has a dominant good versus evil theme, and it is written in a manner that is easy for children to understand. For the Adult reader’s the places and characters of

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