The Witch Hunts Of Wrath By Joseph Mccarthy

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In Years following World War Two Americans transformed their hatred to Japanese Americans and Germans to the new upcoming social stability platform of Communism. Communism after World War two was dominating the news and media of 1950’s America and a sense of “Witch Hunts” was circulating within the American population. Thus a Senator from Wisconsin, Joseph McCarthy Stepped onto the world stage with his Anti-Communism Personality he was a sense of leader for the Anti-Communism nation. The American nation began to look and discriminate against pro-communism clubs and individuals. Thus a connection with the witch hunts of Salem, Massachusetts can be commonly set side by side with the hunts of the McCarthy Era. Many Historians of the witch hunts of Salem have compared them to the hunts of the McCarthy Era. They have put them side by side because of…show more content…
As Quoted in Millers book by the Character Mr. Hale, he states:” We must not blame each other but fear god and his Wrath.” This quote helps us to understand that we cannot blame others but must go through what trails an tribulations that god has intended. Mr. Hale also goes onto say that “we must look into ourselves to find what has thy done to anger god.” With all accusations going around our ancient society there is always going to be a minority in society. Lastly the connections with the McCarthy era and the people of Salem portrayed in Arthur Miller’s play of the Crucible are the impact of the government and the opinions of society. The government in tiny ways gives the public an image of what a problem is and then follows public opinion for popularity. A great example of this is given by Miller’s Character Reverend Paris a minister in Salem that is blaming others so that his reputation may not ceed. This is seen when Paris’ daughter Abigail accuse John Procter to death because of believing in the

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