The Wishing Tree

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The Wishing Tree is a movie originated in Savannah Georgia. The main character in the movie is named Magic man, or also known as Thomas. In the movie, it shows not only deception, but also the importance of not judging a person when you first meet them. Very often we judge people, either because they look different, act different, or have some kind of learning disability. Earl Nightingale once said, “When you judge others, you do not define them you define yourself.” Thomas had a speech disability where he was not born with any vocal cords. Thomas lived in the woods in an old run down cabin far away from the town. He did not go out into the public not only because of his disorder; he was ashamed of his past criminal records. One day, he came upon two young children by the name of Jamie and Alexa. Magic man was very excited to have someone to play with and soon began teaching them magic and sign language. He soon became very close to them, and they became very close friends. Before long, Claire finally met Magic man. She immediately reacted negative towards Thomas, but soon became fond of this strange man. Magic man, Claire, and the kids started hanging out almost every day, having picnics and roasting marshmallows. Claire soon realized that even though Thomas had a speech disorder, he was just a normal human being who loved being around friends. Unfortunately, Magic man soon because accused of putting harm in Jamie’s way after he was seen carrying Jamie across the road. Jamie was unconscious and nobody believed that Thomas was just trying to help the little boy. The police was not the only one who thought he was guilty, but also Jamie’s family went against Thomas. When court came, Claire was determined to free Magic man and to have his name cleared from any previous charges. In court, Thomas was at first ashamed and scared, and did not even feel the need to
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