The Wish Giver

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The Wish Giver takes place in a small close knit farm town in New England called Coven Tree. Everyone in this town believes in the existence of magical beings and creatures. One Sunday afternoon at the church social four different people sat in the tent of a strange little man. The four characters include Polly a young lady that always speaks her mind even if it hurts people around her; Rowena was a 15 year old girl that falls in love easily, Adam a loyal son, and Stew a practical shop owner that is very suspicious of the strange little man Thaddeus Blinn. Thaddeus Blinn talks to the group of four in the tent and sells them each a little white card with a red dot on it. He tells the four that if they press there thumb to this dot, and make a wish, there wish will come true. Everyone leaves the tent feeling cheated and a little foolish for wasting there money on a silly little piece of paper. The story breaks apart after the four main characters leave the smelly canvas tent of Thaddeus Blinn. The first part of the story tells the tale of Polly’s wish. Polly wants nothing more than to be invited to the house of Agatha a rich young lady, whom Polly looks up to with admiration. Polly makes a wish for everyone to like her, and notice her. Polly soon finds out that her wish has serious drawbacks. Every time Polly starts to speak her mind in her usual rude manner, she starts croaking like a big toad. Everyone notices Polly and laughs at her. Throughout Polly’s story she learns that if she is nice to people, and complements them she will not croak. Polly also notices that her days end a lot happier when she is nicer to people. Polly soon realizes that no matter what she does she will never be able to say a crossword to anyone ever again even if it is needed. Polly realizes that she was not the only one in the tent, and maybe there is another card left for her to wish on.

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