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The Wink Project Nowadays, people in our culture have many different ways to nonverbal communicate with others by gestures, actions, or movement with their body parts, that is call body languages. Sometime each of a body language action can have many different meaning, depend on the situation and people they communicate with. Thumb up is one a common body language can be used in various situations that carries different meanings in our everyday life today. It is a hand gesture achieved by close fist with a thumb extended upward. Thumb up is way to silently communicate with someone in particular; it can mean great job, or you need a ride while you are in a middle of somewhere. It can also be used as a sign of satisfaction, approval or understanding. People can actually use it in the same meaning as a wink, but it is less subtle and a bit archaic, just as if someone used their hand to give the sign for “O.K.” Suppose, there are five FPI blends in a party to investigate an illicitly business of two drug dealers. They have to set up total of eight cameras to record completely all the actions of those drug dealers to have all the evidence to arrest them. One of them is a captain that controls the monitor on his watch of all the cameras. The rest is setting up camera around the room so every corners of the room is recorded. The captain will not give out the thumb up until the first four cameras are clear and in the right position, and the people who setting up the cameras cannot move anywhere until the thumb up signal gives. Now, all the cameras are working correctly, and the captain must give out the signal for the others to move on to the second set up, but if he evident give out the thumb up with no reason in front of those drug dealers, they will suspect him and his action. Suddenly, he took a glass of wine from a waiter, and after he drank it he gives out a

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