the wild swans at coole Essay

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The poem is about William going back to a lake to see the swans. The poem starts off by telling us where he is going and how it looks around him. The imagery in the first stanza is in the woods in October where the seasons are starting to change. The woods are dry and there are fallen leaves around the pathway to the lake. The water in the lake is so still you can see the reflection of the sky in the water, even though there are 59 swans in the lake. The second stanza starts by saying “The nineteenth autumn has come upon me Since I first made my count;” This means that this is the 19th year since he has visited the lake. The author show he realizes how old he is and how long it has been since he has revisited the lake and he notices the swans have not changed one bit and he has grown a lot older. The swans represent the beauty of youth and life, and William feels as if his youth has been wasted because he was not as free and wild as the swans. In the third stanza, the author says, “I have looked upon those brilliant creatures, And now my heart is sore”. The author means that the swans are brilliant creatures and he is sore because he is growing old and isn’t as youthful as the swans. The first time he was on that shore he was happy to see the swans and now that he is old he is not happy to see them because he is jealous of the swans somewhat eternal youth and that they “trod with a lighter tred” which means that they do not carry the burden of being old. The fourth stanza shows how the author is experiencing the tragedy of being alone. The author cannot overcome destiny and is destined to continue getting older. Then the author starts to feel sorry about him getting older and he must leave his youth as a companion of his past. The last stanza reflects the events that happened 19 years ago. The author says the past is mysterious and beautiful
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