The Wicker Husband: Simply Miserable

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Crystal Starks English Composition II - Section 020 - Fall 2011 September 17, 2011 The Wicker Husband: Simply Miserable Misery loves company; always has and always will. There are some people who decide to stay away from the common, the norm and the judgmental eyes of the miserable. Ursula Willis-Jones wrote a short story about this concept in “The Wicker Husband”. She wrote of a girl that lived amongst envious villagers who didn’t appreciate what they had. The envious villagers attempted to sabotage the girl because of jealousy but in turn lost all their valuables because they had neglected to appreciate them. The villagers lived in a state of misery while the girl lived a life of peace with no need for their approval. Willis-Jones uses symbols in “The Wicker Husband” to communicate that all people have problems, therefore appreciate what you have or you might find yourself without your most valued possessions. It’s the classic case of The Ugly Duckling except the beauty comes from a wicker husband that a girl purchases from a basket maker. The plot sets down a simple story about the girl who is not like the villagers. The conflict comes into play when she gets married. It seems that the villagers find pleasure in the girl’s oddness, loneliness and solitude manner. The pleasure is striped away when she buys happiness in a wicker husband and her perspective on life changes. She, alone, makes her happiness: independence, decisions and freedom. The exposition presents the conflict between the girl and the villagers. The villagers are not content with their lives and in turn grew envious because of the satisfaction the girl and wicker husband displayed. The villagers don’t have to see the couple, they don’t have to know what their lives consist of but they chose to consume themselves in the lives of the couple. “Eventually the villagers were too
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