The Wiccan Way Essay

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The Wiccan Way Candace Thompson Hum/130 June 18, 2010 Sonja Sheffield Axia College at University of Phoenix Always fascinated with the Wiccan religion and desiring to learn more, the opportunity arose in my World Religions class and I delved into it learning about "The Mystery Religion" for my final paper. Discovering that there are numerous denominations of Wicca, not unlike Christianity, in which there are the Catholics, Lutherans, Methodists, etc., some Wiccans practice Gardenarian, Alexandrian, or Dianic witchcraft. I interviewed an acquaintance with known involvement in Gardenarian Wiccan religion. Meredith is the owner of a Metaphysical Shoppe called the Krystal Window in downtown Topeka, Kansas, (8th and Topeka Blvd.) who invited me to join other novices interested in learning many facets of the Wiccan Religion. She teaches very informal classes on Tuesday and Thursday nights at her shoppe along with Tara card readings, aura evaluations, and psychic readings. She impressed me as a person with magnificent spirit and willingly answered the questions I posed to her about how she and the others in her coven practiced Wicca. To my amazement, she invited me to a Summer Solstice Ritual that was coming up on June 21st. (Meredith, 2010). It takes a year and a day for initiation to occur in a Wiccan coven because they take their beliefs quite seriously and believe if others are interested, they should take the time to find if this is their correct path. (Meredith, 2010). I asked Meredith numerous questions about how Wicca has shaped her life, the theology and after life in Wicca, and, of course, what kind of magick was involved as well as the moral principles and ritualistic practices that Wiccans live by. She went on to discuss with me the challenges of practicing this religion and how discriminatory people

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