The Wiccan Religion And Witchcraft

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Wicca is believed by some to be a dark religion. People who do not understand the Wiccan faith have a tendency to assume Wiccan followers to be Satan worshipers. An excerpt from the Witches Rede reads: ‘The dark and the light in succession, the opposites each unto each, shown forth as a God and a Goddess, of this our ancestors teach.’ Wiccans believe in a God and a Goddess and the gifts of nature to worship them. Some Churches teach that Wiccans deal in black magic. This is a misconception as not all wiccans practice witchcraft. Wiccan followers believe that God and Goddess are in every aspect of people, nature, and Earth; not just in heaven looking down at us. Wiccans have ceremonies at certain times of the year to celebrate…show more content…
The faith is in knowing that those “gods and goddesses” are one in the same. There is only one true god and goddess, each having had many names and faces throughout…show more content…
The use of tarot, runes, oracles and scrying is among the basic knowledge of a witch. We are not all highly skilled at these practices but the basic knowledge is still taught and accepted as a whole in the group. Tarot is using a deck of cards with pictures, and symbols on them and that each has a different and specific meaning. A tarot deck usually consists of 78 cards, which include 56 in the minor arcana and 22 in the major arcana. Some use the cards to communicate with the spirit realm while others use them as an interface between the conscious self and higher self. Runes are a smaller set of tiles or stones with symbols carved or painted onto them, casting the runes are also known as “throwing the bones”. These are used much in the same way as the tarot but with different names of the tiles and meanings, runes can also be used to spell out sentences in an attempt to convey messages from the spirit realm or higher self. Oracles, usually a set of cards though smaller in numbers then the tarot, are used to communicate messages from the spiritual realms, offer advice and help make decisions with information passed through the cards. The Chinese art of I Ch’ing is a form of an oracle

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