The Wiccan Religion

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The Wiccan Religion What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word witchcraft? Is it the devil or any other demonic ideas? Well despite popular belief, witchcraft isn’t always focused on dark energy and calling upon evil spirits. The Wiccan religion practices witchcraft as a way to get in touch with one’s core self and nature of the Goddess. Wicca is a neo-pagan religion. Neo-pagan is a term that is used to refer to any religion based of an ancient pagan religion. Wicca is also an earth-based religion. This religion believes nature and Earth to be sacred symbols of the Goddess and pull their spiritual energy from Earth’s core. Wiccans are expected to treat the Earth with the upmost respect and to always be thankful to it. Wiccans will often help to care and maintain the Earth. The world of Wicca is a very accepting and open world that discriminates against no one. Wicca is meant to be about love, harmony, peace, and positive world energy. There are a wide variety of beliefs and practices in modern day Wicca but there are a few basic points and principles that remain the same throughout different Wiccan beliefs. The first belief is that everyone has the divine within them and in turn with meditation and visualization one can tap into that energy and focus to become in touch with the natural gifts one possesses. Rituals and celebrations also help to bring one closer with his or her natural gifts and these events usually take place over the seasons and moon’s phases. Each Wiccan will take his or her own spiritual journey to build one’s personal relationship with the divine, the divine referring to the spiritual aspect of the Earth or the Mother Goddess. Wiccans use spells in rituals to help bring about the things they want. Wicca is focused on energy as well. Energy travels through each spell that is cast and one must be aware of
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