The Whitewater Scandal: The Mcdougal Family

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Evan Williams The WhiteWater Scandal Block 3 5/30/12 To many Americans the Whitewater Scandal wasn't solely about the real estate investment that the Clinton family and the Mcdougal family came together on, but it was about many other scandals that plagued the Clinton family. Multiple factors contributed to the behavior of former president Clinton and his associates during this time which in turn, plays an important role in each scandal. Not only did the scandal affect the white house but the American people were also in turmoil as their president was accused of countless things. Bill Clinton was brought into court a countless number of times for different reasons. But to know the reasons why, first one would have to know what started…show more content…
The R.T.C ( Resolution Trust Corporation) began to investigate the whitewater case and found that once again Mcdougal was found using large amounts of money he should not have and the Clintons were caught in the crossfire. A report down by the R.T.C, the Pillsbury report, provided evidence that suggested the Clintons knew nothing about the Mcdougal's misdoings and that they were simply innocent bystanders. Regardless of the report, the media still bombarded the Clinton’s with questions about the case until the attorney general at the time appointed an investigator, Robert Fiske, to get to the bottom of the whole scandal. Robert Fiske later on was replaced by Kenneth Starr, another investigator, who found incriminating evidence of sexual misconduct down by president Clinton. The infamous “Starr report” soon came out which accused president Clinton of having an affair with another colleague of his in the White house. Monica Lewinsky, an intern at the white house, was accused of engaging in multiple sexual encounters with president Clinton. This rumor then went to court where evidence showed that Monica Lewinsky and president Clinton did have the alleged affair. One piece of evidence that was very useful during the trial was a blue dress worn by Monica Lewinsky that had president Clinton's semen on it. Another piece of evidence that did not help president Clinton's case was a testimony by Clinton where he was asked questions about Ms. Lewinsky and their encounters with one another. The answers and facial expressions by president Clinton proved that something went down between

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