The White Horse Myth Analysis

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Riley Griffis 9/28/12 3-4 Myth Before man roamed earth animals walked on their hind legs not needing to walk on all fours.The animals of the world all lived in harmony with the exception of a group of black horses. These creatures loved the game of basketball. They enjoyed it so immensely that they often would play long into the night. The only difficulty was when the sun set below the horizon they could not see each other in the pitch black of the night. Every night they would pray to their moon God to grant them the ability to see each other in the darkness. The moon told them she would grant their wish if they brought her a dozen extravagant white roses. The horses were confused due to the fact that they had never seen let alone heard of white roses. They begged their moon to tell them where they could find such flowers. Their God told them what they sought could only be found in the cave of the best. The house chief sent his twelve strongest warriors to retrieve the roses. Soon the warriors arrived back with their mouths sewn shut. When asked what happened they could only manage to choke out a mumble. The chief sent every house in clan all coming back the same as the last. Eventually the chief sent his smartest horse. The horse cautiously approached the cave of the beast…show more content…
He brought them back to his clan to find all the horses who had their mouths sewn shut had all been fixed. He was pronounced a hero and his whole village loved him and hailed him as long as he lived. That night when the moon rose the horses presented the roses in hope of their wish being fulfilled. The moon sucked the white from the roses leaving a hollow shell of what used to be a beautiful flower. The moon cast the white upon the horses giving them a white and black striped pattern to see each other at night. Basketball was then played every day and long into every
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