The White Heron

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Essay 2 By Jayda Smalls Sarah Orne Jewett used regionalism as the literary form of writing. Regionalism is a kind of realistic writing but includes more detail in terms of objects, sights, and characters. It focuses on creating true realistic writings that everyday people can relate to in all aspects of the writing in specific geographical areas. In “A White Heron” written by Sarah Orne Jewett, she uses many literary elements that demonstrate her preferred technique. The central effect of this story is true feelings of a cause and their effect on decisions that are made. Sarah’s use of characterization, plot, and setting guide this effect. Sylvia, who is the main character in the story, is characterized as being a young girl who had a love for animals, birds in particular. “There ain’t a foot o’ ground she don’t know her over, and the wild creatur’s counts her one o’ themselves. Squer’ls she’ll tame to come an’ feed right out o’ her hands, and all sorts o’birds” said Mrs. Tilley, Sylvia’s grandmother. She had an admiration for nature. She knew the woods by her home like the back of her hand. She could travel through the darkest woods and still find her way home without a problem. She was also ambitious. She stayed up all night determined to climb the tallest tree the next morning in hopes of finding the White Heron that her house guest was in search of to kill and make a preservation out of them. Sylvia did indeed find the bird, or shall I say the bird found Sylvia. She was eager to return home and tell the guest of her finding and get the $10 payment that the guest promised to whom ever found the bird. Once Sylvia returned home, she could not gather the words to say where she saw the bird. Her love of animals would not
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