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Tim Yee April 23, 2009 Hist. 133 Prof. Sencer The White Castle The White Castle is about a young Venetian scholar who is sailing from Venice to Naples but then is captured by Ottoman Turks and taken prisoner to Istanbul in the 17th century. The scholar who is never named in the book becomes the interest of the pasha because of the young scholar’s intelligence in medicine and other sciences. The pasha wants the scholar to convert to Muslim but he declines and is threatened with death but then a man he has to call Hoja, which means master, saves him and takes him in to be his slave. The young scholar and Hoja look eerily alike and are called to build a weapon for the young Sultan. The slave is to teach Hoja all about western technologies to help build this weapon but soon connect with their love of astronomy. During this time together Hoja comes up with a plan to build a giant clock that tells the time of prayer all over the world and this consumes him. Hoja becomes obsessed with restoring Ottoman superiority over the Europeans. From there they proceed to the construction of orreries, musings on weapons of mass destruction, fireworks for the infant Sultan, and the head-games and mutual…show more content…
The Sultan, the pashas, Hoja, and the janissaries all wanted a Muslim world with good relations with other religions minus the Christians. It was the misunderstanding of Muslims by Christians and Christians by Muslims that fueled the fire in this conflict. With the Muslims caught up with religion and not making technological advances a priority they fell to the overpowering European empires which they try to destroy. It was these misunderstandings and oppressions that brought the Ottomans to a halt but the relation that only the Hoja and the young scholar made and finally understood at the end is what draws us in to know that at least these two could co-exist without religion getting in the

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