The Whisting Chair Essay

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The story begins when two tired children arrive home from boarding school to see their parents, their dear wishing chair and Chinky the pixie. In this story the wishing chair has wings and can fly. The chair can take them to magical lands for fun adventures. One day the wishing chair gets captured by a giant called Twisty. The main characters Mollie, Peter and Chinky the pixie try to get it back. The awful Slipperies also get a hold of the wishing chair and cut off the wings. However, Mollie, peter and Chinky do get the chair back and take the chair to Chinky's Great Aunt Quick Fingers. Quick Fingers makes the wings grow back. As their adventures continues, the three main characters then meet a misbehaved character called Winks. Winks is a brownie which is somewhat like a werewolf. They rescuued Winks from Mr. Grim's school for Bad Brownies. Winks gets them into quite a bit of trouble. Eventually, Winks has to be returned to Mr. Grim's school. Mollie and Peter visit more lands as their exciting adventure continues. I really liked this book because it was full of adventure and excitement. Once I started reading it I couldn't put the book down. It made me want to have my own 'Wishing chair' so that I could travel anywhere I wanted to go, even if it wasn't a real place. I liked the made up names such as Chinky, Twisty, The Slipperies, Mr.Grimm, Aunt Quick Fingers, Winks, Mr. Spells, Tricky, Cinders, and Mr. Blacky. The story made me a little nervous at times when I thought something bad was going to happen. For exanple, Mollie, Peter, and Chinky were traveling on a bus looking for the wishing chair when they ran into some interesting characters. On the bus there were Browines with long besrda, two tiny fairies, a wizard with a crooked hat and three goblins who didn't like humans. Mollie and Peter weren't sure what was going to happen to

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