The Whipping Ma Essay

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Kweku Mensah Prof Troy English Lit & composition March 14, 2012 The Whipping Man We tend to make decisions and choices everyday in life. We may think the decisions we make are always the right one but in reality, they may not. In the play “The Whipping Man” by Mathew Lopez, the three characters John, Simon, and Caleb all made some decisions and choices before and after the Civil War that questioned their character and made the audience have a different outlook about them. We need to think twice about the decisions and choices we make because sometimes it could led to destruction that may affect us and the people around us. The Play “The Whipping Man” features some socking opening scenes in which a wounded Jewish Confederate soldier with an infected leg gets his leg amputated by a former slave who we found out later served for the soldier’s family in the years before the Civil War. The casts are made up of Caleb who was a leader of a confederate army but abandon his men to return home limping in pain from his infected gun wound. Simon, Caleb’s surgeon and a former slave to Caleb’s family and John, the ex-slave who doesn’t know what to do with his freedom. Though out the story, we find out a new chapter of history unfolding between the three characters and their decisions they made come back to haunt them and affect all three characters because they all come from the same household In the play, the characters all made constant decisions that affected them and the other two men. Caleb crucial decision of abandoning his men in battle at Petersburg meant he committed treason and the only outcome in that was that he would be killed or hung. For this reason, Caleb avoided going to the hospital because they will find out who he was and he will be put to death. Caleb decided to go to his old house where he put his burdens on his former slaves John and

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