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The name of the book is “The Westing Game” by Ellen Raskin, its about a gut who dies, but really doesn’t and people has to find who killed him an who finds it out gets 2 million dollars. The main character in the book are Sam Westing, Crow, Dr.Wexler, Baumbach, Theodoakis, Pulaski, Hoo, J.J. Ford, Sandy, Angela and Turtle. Sam Westing is a person who likes to play games. A reason in the book is he has everybody in the will has to play a game for his money. Also he is a rich man. In the book he gives everybody five thousand dollars at the beginning to spend on whatever they wish. He is very smart because he set everybody up with a partner. There partner would have to get along with each other and Sam doesn’t even know them so he had…show more content…
Turtle gets blamed for the bombings but Turtle really knows who the real bomber is. When they get the time to say who the murderer of Sam Westing all of them are wrong. In the end of the book Sandy, Turtle best friend dies of running out of medicine. Also they find out that Sam Westing wasn’t murdered after all. Turtle has a trial about it and she finds out that Sam Westing was Sandy all the time. Turtle found that out by putting all the clues together and reading the rest of the will that was not found out until the end. In the end Turtle finds out that Sam Westing was murdered by himself. He could of went and got his medicine but he decided he wanted to die this way. Turtle friend sandy dies, which was actually Mr. Westing. Turtle finds out that Sam Westing wasn’t dead by holding a trial for how everybody died, by how Sandy would secretly play chess. #3 The last sentence in the novel is “Ready for a game of chess?”. I think it ended with that sentence because that was ho Sam Westing got found out that he was still alive. If Sandy would of never played chess how he did Turtle and everybody wouldn’t know that Sandy was Sam Westing all along. If they wouldn’t of found out a girl named

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