The Welfare Essay

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It was around midnight on a freezing cold winter night the streets were empty it looked like nobody lived around here at all there was no moon and it was as dark as a bats cave. I had just got out of a fight with my mother and had no were else to go my girlfriend broke up with me and the only place I could go was to my mate deans house but the only problem was he lived about an hour’s walk away and I didn’t have enough cash for a cab plus I was pretty sure I missed the last bus. As I walked the empty streets of Berkeley I seen 5 or 6 guys roaming the streets they all had jet black hair and glossy black leather jackets as they got closer I started to notice that they had a symbol on their jackets probably a gang symbol so I put my hood on and looked down maybe they wouldn’t notice me because the thing about gangs is there always looking for a fight. As they got closer they crossed the street which wasn’t a good sign they bumped into me really hard “Hey” I shouted and soon regrated it “Do you have a problem princess “one of the scarier looking gang members said “Uhh no sorry” I said scarcely “Sorry princess didn’t hear that “he said in a rough husky voice “SORRY” I said louder but even I could hear the fear in my voice As I looked at his tattooed face I could see something in his dark hazel eyes I felt like he was going to kill me last thing I remember is he hit me over the head with a baseball bat and I blacked out. When I woke up my eyes were foggy like after you put eyes drops in your eye and you can’t see properly but as I started to see I seen around 15 to 20 guys at what looked like a huge party but when I see where I was I knew this wasn’t the typical gang party I was in the dead forest and I was the victim at a the dead man’s party id herd about these party’s they’d take an average guy walking the street around midnight in winter and torture

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