The Welcome Table Essay

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For this week’s assignment I selected The Welcome Table by Alice Walker. I selected the reading from this week’s reading assignment because I felt the story really made me think and reflect on some of the problems of racism we face as a society now, and how things were in the past. The purpose of this paper is to describe and evaluate the meaning of the Welcome Table and to describe while explaining and outlining the story using biographical/historical approach to this piece of literature. I first read the short biography on the author Alice Walker. I learned she faced many hard times growing up in a sharecropper family, I can only imagine what life must have been for her. But what I found most prestigious is her awards and accolades she has earned for the literature she has composed. Alice Walker earned the Pulitzer Prize award for some of her past literature so when I seen some of her work was in our text, I knew I wanted to…show more content…
Her elbows were wrinkled and thick, the skin ashen but durable, like the bark of old pines. On her face centuries were folded into the circles around one eye, while around the other, etched and mapped as if for print”(Walker, 1970). Using this approach and deliberately leaving out the aspect of the lady’s race in my opinion is to show that the race of a person holds no relation to how they act or how they should be treated. All throughout the story the lady brushes aside that her race has anything to do with the way she is being treating and silently and without commotion insists to be treated as everyone else. Overall I felt the Welcome Table was a well written piece of literature and helped me to connect to some of the problems people faced before my time, furthermore using the biographical/historical approach helped clear the meaning of the story helping me comprehend it. The way that Alice Walker’s first had experience was embedded into the writing was truly
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