The Welcome Table Essay

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The Welcome Table Charlene T Gaines AFG1204A David Makhanlall 02/03/2011 The Welcome Table The welcome table was a very enlightening read. As the author described the old lady and her demeanor it added so much to the story. The story is told in the third person throughout. The author makes it a point to give you not only the feeling of the old lady but those of the other characters in the story. This helps you to put yourself in the mist of the story almost to the point that you can feel the old lady’s pain and her strength in her convictions. The story seems to be set in a time that segregation was at it heights. The story is narrated in such a way you feel the tension in the church you can feel the difference between the two races. The main thing you can feel is the old lady’s devotion to her belief. In this paper I will try to give examples of each of the things. Hopefully, my writing will show how the author made me feel as I read his words. People today take it for granted the rights we have but hear in this story; an old lady takes courage in her faith. She approaches the church with dignity and pride not seeing the pious reverend or the whispering people. She walks in as if it was her God given rite. “Auntie, you know this is not your church?" As if one could choose the wrong one. But no one remembers, for they never spoke of it afterward, and she brushed past him anyway, as if she had been brushing past him all her life, except this time she was in a hurry.” (Clugston, 2010, section3.1, para. 4). People staring at her if they were better than she only because of the color of her skin. When the author details the feelings of the churchgoers never is there a real reason for the hatred of the old only that she is different. “Others saw cooks, chauffeurs, maids, mistresses, children denied or smothered in the deferential way she
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